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Click here to find gallerys that carry my work
As a Lampworker, your most valuable asset is your body.  You wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light. Your hands are subject to the same conditions, only they are much closer to the flame.   Protect your hands from heat, UV and IR radiation that is harmful to your skin with the Hand Saver Heat Shield.

All Hand Saver Heat Shields    are machined by hand, and we guarantee our heat shields to be free of defects, however all parts are replaceable in case of accidental damage.

Our free spinning design prevents the shield from building up moment enabling you to change rotations with ease.

With the unique Collet System the Hand Saver will fit 6 to 13 mm rods or tubes. 
(Including 9.5 and12.7)

Made out of Aluminum and weighing only 3 oz the Hand Saver is durable and light weight.

Since all parts fit snug in a hard injection molded carrying case the Hand Saver is easy to keep organized and can be safely transported.
Step 1
Choose the right size collet for the rod or tube you plan to use.
(Note: Collets fit 6 mm to 13 mm)
Step 4
Finish screwing the collet into the shield and cinch down until snug by holding both knurled areas. 
Step 3
Slide the collet on and begin to thread it into the shield.  Position the shield approx 2-3 inches away from end of the glass.
Step 2 
Slide the shield over the glass with the threads away from the working end. 
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Hand Saver (Single Set)
Hand Saver (Single Set)
Hand Saver (Double Set)
Hand Saver (Double Set)
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